(#) Nautilus 2009-09-15

its beautifully written... and it touches such a raw emotion within us all... i can't being to understand what you and your daughter have been through but this one-shot does give us a small (very very small) idea of your raw emotion.

overall i think it was well done, it wasn't too nitty gritty,and just focused on emotion rather then dialogue and plot. congrats...

i would like to see more from you, but i can understand that this is a difficult topic to write about, not to mention your own dark memories.

wish you the best for the future.

Author's response

Thank you, Nautilus.

Like 'Discovery', this one was meant to grab the throat. This is one of three stories I wrote that makes me cry every time I read it. I haven't published the third yet.

My daughter and I have recovered and grown, because we stood by each other. We each had someone to support and be supported by. Now, she's a vivacious, outgoing child with a definite goal in her life...everything I was not at her age.

You will be seeing more in the future. Such writing, while difficult, is cathartic.

We both thank you.