Review for A Little Less 16 Candles... continued...

A Little Less 16 Candles... continued...

(#) Moonshyne 2009-09-28

Hi there Sas,

So Patrick never meant it about having Andy kill him. I can't believe that Andy was about to do that.

The part where Andrea and Pete trying to escape was so exciting, will they or won't they. Well at least Andrea got to.

So Patrick's joining the fight but on which side?

I was so into this chapter it was just so exciting.

Good job and looking forward to more.

Author's response

Hmmmm... the Patrick/Andy thing, there's more to it. Later on, it'll come up again.

Yeah, if Pete had been thinking straight, he'd have taken a little drink from Andrea to increase his strength, but he was just so concerned about getting her out. But now Pete's surrounded... can Patrick help? If he's even on Pete's side, that is.

More soon!!

Thanks, as ever, for reviewing!!! You make me very happy!! :D

Sas x