Review for Motorcycle


(#) Uncle_Buck 2009-09-30

I've been waiting almost a year.
You finnished chapter 6 in the conferance with Remus. Perhaps you can continue with Harry grilling Remus about his true feelings about Lilly. He loved her would set H&H to reenergise Remus with the knowledge that Snape and Petigrew were with Moldy and throw the thaught that Albus instigated their murders. Perhaps, that the prophacy might say with Harry's death Moldy might become Mortal. But with the events of the diary, much of Albus's Plans had to be rethaught. Snape abviously had sever influences with the old man and and may have been potiening him. And Severous may truely been providing intel to kill order members.
Remus may have lost his mate to Severous intel.
Can a spy be a betrayer if he is not working against his true dark self?