Review for Partially Kissed Hero

Partially Kissed Hero

(#) RiskyWombat 2009-10-05

One thing started to bother me so i just had to hit you with review.

You go on giving us nice picture of Dumbledore as this ruthless, cold bastard who do anything to keep himself in power and his plans in motion, throwing memory charms left and right as he feels right. Telling how he has prophecies about Harry possibly coming greatest wisard and how he's controlled Harry's life.

So i have really great difficulties to believe that Harry could have get away with his threat when demanding change in his electives. I can't see Dumbles giving Harry any chances in growing some backbone. More likely the threat would have been responded with stunner some nice legilimency and wonderful memory charm.

At least that's the action I see from all the info given of the Headmaster's ruthlessness in chapters after that.

Still nice fic i'm enjoying it.