Review for For I Did Not Loathe Myself Any Longer

For I Did Not Loathe Myself Any Longer

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-10-14

I absolutely luffed it :)

Honestly, I mean it really did speak to me (as crazy-talk as that sounds) and I totally get where you were coming from..although I have to admit, I saw myself and my best friend in that story; I was the narrator, she was the blade. Bad for each other, but unable to separate for fear of hating myself..

Okay, I think I'm done now..


Author's response

It doesn't sound crazy at all. In fact, the way you viewed this was
really creative on your part ^^

I'm so glad that this spoke to you in some way. This story was just
a way to help me with my emotions and to know that someone can
take away something from it means so much to me.

Anyways, thanks for reading and reviewing this. I honestly
appriciate it.

x mysilentromance