Review for Getting My Baby Back

Getting My Baby Back

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-10-17

Definitely good chapter, I'm very happy Bob has full custody, and Emily is finally safe. Also that Sarah finally got justice against Lawrence, but of course she couldn't get off that easy, since she was part responsible too, nevertheless I'm happy she saw how bad it had gotten. Damn Lawrence.

Whew, for Bob and Alyssa hoping to start over in Chicago. I think that would be good. But what about Gerard?
It's good that Ray and Gee finally made up and they're friends again.

Looking forward to the next update.


Author's response

Hi there,

Yay for Bob having full custody and Emily is finally safe. Yes Sarah finally stood up for herself even if it cost her.

Yeah it will be good for them to start over there. Yeah what about Gerard hmmm.

Yay Gee needed to understand everything and now that he does he realized he's the one that needed to say he was sorry.

I lost my keyboard but now have a new one and can finally type!!