Review for Just GO for it, Already!

Just GO for it, Already!

(#) xxASUKAxx 2009-10-29

updaaaaaaaaaaaate i swear to effign god i will go insane.

this story is so realistic, i feel i can relate to it a lot too....i couldn't stop crying at the hospital bits...and when he was in the bathroom.

dam..being trapped is the worse feeling in the's makes you feel sick and vile and conrolled liek a puppert on strings.

finch is an awesome charecter, oh and goose shit coloutred hair made me laugh my fucking ass off :P

please update soon, so that Gee can get out of tha godforsaken place and i don't have to feel nautious every time i read that part lol

you are an amazing writer hun :)

xoxo Lottie oxox