Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) Cateagle 2009-11-01

While I've seen this individually on CaerAzkaban, I enjoyed reading the full chapter here. I have to admit that I loved seeing Tony as the "helping" father with the Cub Scout competitions (reminded me of my father, though he was nowhere near as competitive - then again there wasn't anything like the Stark/Reed competition to spur things on). The scenes of his friends and colleagues over Christmas were fascinating (I do wonder who the un-named young witch was, I'm hazarding a guess it was Tracey). I wonder what Draco would say if he knew that what happened to his father was punishment for the evil his father tried? I suspect both he and Narcissa would be appallaed. The final scene witht he Goblins was fascinating and you know that, with a lead in like that, Harry's going to be unable to resist studying Goblin culture - if for no other reason than to see if he's was having his leg pulled there. I do wonder what the combination of his Potter heritage and his Stark heritage will produce as they combine; the one certainty being that he'll be for the Light, though not necessarily as Dumbles sees the Light.