Review for Rain


(#) Moonshyne 2009-11-02

Hi there,

I loved this, it is so honest and true. The way that you wrote what he was feeling was amazing.

When I was reading about him jumping I was thinking didn't he say he wasn't suicidal? So glad that he didn't. He seems to be so used to being in himself that it is normal for him even if no one else understands.

I so get what is meant I'm a middle child with classic middle child syndrome talk about being invisible.

Any way great job as all your other stories.

Author's response

Hey Moonshyne,

Thank you for the compliment, I'm glad everyone got the concept, I thought it would be confusing. Thanks for saying it was honest and real, I just wanted to write something that was... I'm an only child, and yet I feel invisible, I can understand middle child syndrome.

Thank you again, I appreciate that