Review for Always There

Always There

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-11-06

I agree with bob_fletch up there :)
With just one difference..

I used to self-inflict, but I overcame it :) It was through a boy, actually. I didn't want him to leave me behind becaue of my addiction, so I stopped. But then it was alost God, I suppose. Because every time I decided not to cut again, it was during a church service ^_^

Congrats, though.. if this was actually serious. I really hope you don't do anything like that any more (or every again!)

Author's response

Congrats on overcoming self-injury! That's always a wonderful thing to hear =]

As for me, this all was entirely true. I'm trying to give up cutting but I'm still in the process of burning myself out. One day I'll overcome though. I just know I will XD