Review for Rain


(#) thegayestgoth 2009-11-09

WHOA!!!!! that. was. BRILLIANT. i was looking for a story to read while i was eating my lunch of tomato soup and cheese here at the Wesley, and I had to see what you've posted. That was fantastic. Incredibly vivid, painfully real, beautifully written. And honestly, that's how I feel sometimes. And it's a good thing. Sometimes, I really do like just being invisible. "Rain"...that's such a perfect title.


Author's response

Hey there Jahnecakes. If you're reading this I need you to call me, or let me know when it's a good time to call [I don't want your mama to get mad (:] Yummy Tomato Soup xD

Thank you for the words, this is definitely one of my pieces I am most proud of. I was trying to write something different, and to show that people who are invisible, may just like be that way. It has its ups and downs, but it's not so bad sometimes...Again, thanks for saying it was real. I was going for that all the way..Not to mention, rain just might not be so bad like I thought it was (:

Love you,