Review for Being Me

Being Me

(#) mysilentromance 2009-11-09

As soon as you mentioned a big mob of hair I knew it was Ray!
Also, the title for this chapter is really cool. I didn't get it until after I read the story. Then it made sense ^-^

(I read this shortly after you posted it, but just now as I was looking through some of the "older" pages I saw this story and realized that I forgot to review it. Oops! Forgive me? I'll bake you a giant cupcake if you do!)

Author's response

Ha ha its okay! I forgive you heart

I love readers who aren't silent.. xD
I dunno.. usually I'd have something good to say, or just something really long, but alas, it is raining outside and my brother has a T.E. You don't know what that means.. but you can ask if you want!

As for the cupcake?
Make it erm.. whole grain? >.>