Review for When You Wish Upon a Devil

When You Wish Upon a Devil

(#) xxxpheonixgirlxxx 2006-09-09

i love this story! i read it on and i am currently waiting for the next chapter, please update!

Author's response

Hey! Thanks for reviewing! I believed I would never ever receive a review here at ficwad :-( but I finally did :-D So a big thanks!

Since doesn’t allow us to respond to anonymous reviews, I just want to say thanks for reviewing chapter 14! And yes I updated the last time you reviewed. I think you must’ve missed the update on

I’m also surprised to discover that you’re a huge Jott fan and enjoying a fic revolving around Rogue making wishes that involves mostly Scott! Hmm….unless you’ve got everything figured out. You know there is a very good reason I never mentioned the pairing of my fic ;-)

By the way, are you a registered member on too? I tried searching your penname, but nothing came up. Anywayz I hope you enjoy the new chapter! Which is chap 15: Star-struck :-)