Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) Minlawc 2009-11-21

I'm getting tired of Hermione, not of her character, but of your portrayal of her. It made sense that she was confused about her relationship with Holly while under the charm. Now it's just freaking annoying. I could never be a friend to someone so flighty.

"Hermione: "I... Y’know, I just suddenly realised that I cannot live like a nun for the rest of my time at school. Sex is too enjoyable for me to just stop doing it for the next few years. Chastity be damned; I want a boyfriend!"
Holly smiles, steps forward and slides her arm around Hermione's waist, guiding her into a slow stroll. Hermione turns her body to align with Holly's as they start to walk back towards the Burrow."

This is not funny, it's just stupid. Hermione seems to be just a feelingless sexual creature, ruled by her baser instincts and her weird faulty logic.