Review for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

Holly Evans and the Spiral Path

(#) wordhammer 2009-11-21

"just a... sexual creature, ruled by her baser instincts and her weird faulty logic" Aren't we all?

I'll admit this isn't one of Hermione's great moments, but the topic of conversation was relationships (which typically binds up Hermione more than any other) and I needed to move their friendship back into friendship finally. Part of Hermione's sexual hang-up was that no one but Holly had been sexual with her, so Hermione is now resolved to train her brain not to consider sex purely as a Holly-topic. Hermione's intrepid brilliance will return soon.

From Holly's side, she's willing to forgive Hermione for things no one else would be absolved for. Most of the rules in her head have a hidden addendum: '...except for Hermione.'
That, and Holly is convinced that the best way to get over sex hangups is to have sex. Holly believes Hermione is finally thinking clearly- abstinence is a sure path to insanity.

As a writer I'm still learning my swing, so sometimes what I'm trying to convey gets buried in the banter.

Thanks for reading, and most especially for your input. Reviewers like you are the best help a journeyman writer can hope for!


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Sorry- this was meant to appear as a response to Minlawc, in the previous review. Eventually I'll work out how the technology is made to help us!