Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) shehadtheworld12 2009-11-27

Like I told you, I officially hate Rihanna. I just do! I'm still kind of torn about Jeremy, but damn!

Aww crap Gee Gee has the photos, I wanna see them! Well technically I can't, but I'm visioning Rihanna being a homewrecker! If that had happened....Grr...I still really feel for Amy. Damn again!

On a side note, I love Catwoman! All the sites say it sucked. but I love it! Maybe I'm just a dork (: Idk.

More soon my lady, or when your muse picks up again xD


Author's response

Ha ha everyone hates her :) That's why I love her so much! She's a horrible person, and just GAH! This chapter.. was kind of hard to write xD

Oh no is right! I wonder how Gerard will react?

On a side note.. You aren't the only one who thinks Catwoman is awesome! By the way.. have you seen Halle Berry's tits? Freaking weird, I swear :)

Ha ha whenever my muse decides to wake up, you'll have another amazing chapter!