Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2009-11-29

Do you know how strange it is reading about how everyone hates your friend. xD Ha. She is a douche in this though!

Dude, six words: Kenneth Nixon is a sexy cunt.

ANYWAY! Aw, I'm kinda disappointed that Jeremy isn't gay or like Fritzl or like yeah. Ew. ):

I think I would pay to see Gerard Way's face looking at those photos. Then hit him...with a metal baseball bat. THAT I would pay to even do.

You should do that, invent a character called "Fionnula" (original, right?) THEN if Gerard opens them (Or not, doesn't really matter) this "Fionnuala" runs in with a metal baseball bat and beats him with it, then runs off to never return. Oh, yes.

Update when the circular white circle appears in the black sky. I don't even know anymore...

F oxox.

Author's response


Ok,you are officially the most random person I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting xD

I'm sorry to say that I'm going to have to write more when my bro gets off the comp. I'm using his PSP LoL



Sorry about that. I was using my brother's PSP (as I previously mentioned) and I couldn't see what all I was actually writing. Up above when I said you're the most random person I've ever had the pleasure of not meeting, I meant it in a good way :) If I met you, I'd have to kill you xD But only because you'd probably rub off on me.

Sorry to say that none of that will ever happen :) I wish it would, but that'd just be too out-of-concept for the angle I'm going for. Oh.. my God.. I SOUND SO GROWN UP! Creepy..


Luv ya, bun-bun :)