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Caught Up In This Web

(#) TheGiinger 2009-11-29

This is one of my faves on here!
It makes LOL all the time, and I know why you think I'm like Taylor- except I'm not an awesome lesbian like she is... O_o

Anyway, I LOVE Gerard's voicemail! I was laughing really loud and my dogs gave my funny looks! :D

Why can't Taylor and Mikey get together, and why can't Gerard and Amy get together! Please! Come-on it's killing me!

There are some awesome song lyrics you wrote throughout the chapters, and I was wondering if I could be the cheeky little ginger I am, and ask you if you could write some for me, so here goes...
"Amy Revenge, would you make me the happiest Ginger alive by writing some song lyrics for me, for my fanfiction?"
:D Please dude, you've read my fanfiction-In The Centre Of A Restaurant- and I badly need some lyrics that Gerard could sing in Chapter 4/5

Anyway, excellent work and keep it up!

Love Rae xo

Author's response

Why thank you! I'm you like it (insert smiley face here)


I will gladly try and write some 'awesome' lyrics for you. Just give me an idea of the mood/setting of your next chapter and I'll get "right on it" and eventually you'll get them. Please keep in mind that most of the lyrics are mine and the ones I'll giving you are still mine as well, okay? I am in a band and we need/use all the ones that have been used.

With love,

Amy F. Revenge

OH MY GOODNESS! There are SO many words I forgot to type up there! And I'm sorry I sounded like such an overprotective betch :) It's just, I've had problems in the past with people stealing something I wrote "for" them, and I don't want it happening again. I really need to use ALL the songs I write. Oh, and I didn't write any of ETL's songs. I got those from the owner xD

But yeah, I'll totally write you something.. when you give me the info and such :)