Review for Harry Potter and The Mind

Harry Potter and The Mind

(#) Quackpotty 2009-12-16

Great story, though it didn't feel complete, as though it needed another 27 odd chapters. Can you write them? Please? ^_^ Anyhoo, thanks for the story! Harry did seem a little infallible in the story, as though he could do no wrong and that Hermione is full of error needing Harry to bring her back to the light (as though it wasn't the other way around constantly in canon) but the story was fun regardless.

The story made me think quite a bit outside of the box, and I liked that fact. Critical thinking is something that I could do with a little more, and it was nice seeing someone writing about it in a Harry Potter fanfic (fanfics where logic is normally ignored). Unfortunately, though, critical thinking isn't without it's own pitfalls. Basing your theories and conclusions on opinions isn't supposed to be part of critical thinking, yet it happens. That final scene with Hermione, Harry, Luna and Freddie talking about idealism did ignore fact and focus on opinions (about police/aurors and what types of people they are) taken from popular belief. It isn't fact. There are more than two types of people in the police and other government careers. Even in your own story you had a third type - Moody was different. Oh well, unless you have all the personality tests and career records of all these people, you could never do an accurate bit of critical thinking. So you have to have Facts rather than popular belief and opinion upon which to base your conclusions ie, critical thinking is intrinsically flawed as you can't, in reality, always get all the facts.

Ugh, sorry for the long rant. I'm sure that you can join my fingers in hating me for typing all that out. I saw on your profile that this isn't the only story that you've got, yet this is the only one you have uploaded here on this site. Is there an chance that you can leave a link that will guide us to where we can read any other fics of yours?

Author's response

Thank you for your insightful words. I agree that we all could use more critical thinking in our lives. Yes, we definitely have to have fact to base the thinking on. But the only facts available to Harry were his own life experiences. So while you or I may not have developed the same opinions, Harry growing up as an abused teen that everyone took advantage of can certainly be expected to end up with some views of the world that some of us would consider skewed.

So instead of "What is it like?", I posit, "What if?", and that's my take.

BTW, in case I wasn't clear, I have written and published many things, but this was my first fanfic. I hope to have more, as time permits.

Thanks again.