Review for Tradewinds 12 - "Keep One Eye Open"

Tradewinds 12 - "Keep One Eye Open"

(#) ToruLightStar 2009-12-23

That was so great! Amazeing! When I saw the tittle I knew that it was going to be brilliant. When I read the story I felt tengls go up my spine! please, go on! :)

PS: I'm totaly jelouse!

PSS: Please read "The Silver Dragon" Its in the Original>Fantasy part. thank. ^_^

Author's response

Thanks. That means more to me than you probably know. Back when I wrote the original '97-8 draft, my friends labeled it the absolute worst thing I'd ever written. Truth be told, it was. Full of 90's action movie cliches, forced humor, and some of the most awful dialogue I believe I'd ever written. When I came back to rewriting this part of the series a few years ago, I was very nervous. I wanted to make it far better than the old version in every way I possibly could. Based on both your review, and the number of views it's garnered, it would seem I've succeeded.