Review for Requests.


(#) vampyGee 2009-12-29


ok, so over the past I have gathered a few ideas.

1. 'The biggest Loser'-mcr style, guys either are the trainers or the contestants

2.Mcr academy-guys are running a music academy

3.bob needa a romance story could do freaky matchings like, Lady GaGa and bob,or Gee with Adam Lambert. of the guys dies(Gee dies?)

6. Gerard loses his entire memory

7. A blind Mikey(ehh, just take his glasses and contacts!)

8. the return of bert mccracken.

9.Gerard relapses back into his addictions.

10.mcr breaks up, the guys go thier own ways

thats all i got, hope you like some of them!

Author's response

Haha! I love the Lady Gaga/Bob thing. That'll be hilarious.