Review for Demolition Lovers

Demolition Lovers

(#) sock_monkey 2009-12-30

AWWW this was really sweet! And even better cause my name is erin and it was cool reading a story with my name in it cause erin isn't really a common name at least in the fiction writting that i've read. I loved the romeo and juliet part that was really original. I agree with deathcookie i would really like this to be more than a one shot. I'm very interested to see how their relationship works out. xo-Erin

Author's response

Hey, Thank-you, glad you liked it! :D

I love the name Erin! If my name wasn't Rae, it would definatly be Erin :P

So yeah, just email me with the address above please, if you have any ideas at all. Even a smidging of an idea, because that could inspire me! I can't promise I'll like all the ideas and include them all, just as many as I can :)

Love Rae xo