Review for The Secret Balloon

The Secret Balloon

(#) ItIsFin 2010-01-02

Aw, I found this rather sweet. (: Getting added to my favourites.

For school, I guess if someone asks if this story (if you use it for English or whatever) was personal etc it may be awkward but if you want to be open-minded about it then I think that's better instead of saying "Well no...I don't have Tourette's" alot of people feel guiltly when they lie. But you know you could always tell them to mind their own business and only tell close friends.
Anyway, good luck and I loved this one-shot.


Author's response

Aw thank you! I'm glad you feel that way.

As for the advice, thanks for that as well. I'm definately not going to lie about it because I don't feel the need to. But like you said, it isn't everyone's business. It's something personal and I'll have to really contemplate on whether or not I make it everyone's business. Thanks again. This will help me so much when it comes down to making a decision.