Review for TO MY READERS!!!!


(#) areyounormal 2010-01-05

Oooh!! The choice!!!

I'd be interested to see some sort of test. For instance:

Andy is away presenting at a drum convention and while there he hears talk of some of the naughty things that some people would like to or even claim to have done with Pete.

Not wanting to doubt his Pet, but slightly jealous and worried, he arranges a test for Pete. He sends someone who will offer or even push himself onto Pete to gauge his reaction. While the cat's away, will the mouse play? (I kinda hope not, I love a happy ending!)

Anyhoo, that's my main idea that's vying for dominance (pun absolutely intended!!).

Whatever you write will be excellent though, so I shall just wait with a smile on my face :)

Sas x

Author's response

Oooo I like that idea! I'm going to put that on the list of maybes =) I really do like it! =) I never thought of one like that =) Thankies for the suggestion lady!