(#) Cateagle 2010-01-05

Tch, Draco, you've learned a few things but do you really think your opposition is going to remain static? Well, actually, given how slow wizarding society evolves, he may well have; now he reaps his reward for his stupidity. I rather liked Harry's approach and I loved the scene where he explained it to Hermione and got a bit of "incentive"; I had to laugh at the comments WInky and GInny exchanged. 'Tis a shame about Ron's choice, but what Harry did to him was probably as much mercy as he could expect from anyone; I rather suspect that Harry also bound his magic. As for the "surprise gift" for Draco, it seems only appropiate to leave something after taking something.

Author's response

What!?! You mean Draco's status as a pureblood isn't everything!?! Blasphemy!

I can see Draco trying to take on the mantle of a dark lord, if nothing else, than to regain his former wealth. Unfortunately that Cloak is far too heavy for him.

I can also see Winky and Ginny's conversation. Fortunately, Luna hadn't joined them in bed that particular time. Imagine the ruckus that would cause!

I used to think Ron was redeemable, even after GoF, but after the last three books, I despise him as much as I do Dumbledore. Still, h made his bed. He tried the easy way and now he will pay the consequences.

I didn't need to bind his power. Ron is a wand-wizard. He cannot use magic without one. That his hands are now hooves, doesn't help him at all.

Thanks for your kind review, Cat. I really love reading them.