Review for Doll House

Doll House

(#) herk444 2006-09-11

Woah. This story scaired the crap outta me. Like, woah. Where do you come up with this? It's so.... original! Awsome job.

Author's response

Actually, I had three major sources of inspiration for this one. I'd been dealing with Yami no Matsuei a lot, so Muraki and his doll obsession were fresh in my mind. The friends who run the annual horror writing event this was done for actually invented the doll and then proceeded to give her to Draco in just about every fic they wrote from her conception on out. The idea of it being a present from his Grandmother came from a high school English class I took where we had to tell about an article of clothing we owned. One boy had a pink bra his Grandmother had given as a gift at his baby shower. She wanted a girl. My brain just assembled the parts and added a few twists and tweaks.