Review for My Love

My Love

(#) TheGiinger 2010-01-24

Name- Rayne (I just love that name! I like characters having loads of different names, so this is my current one!)

Age- 15

Appearence- Chin-length ginger hair, coffee-coloured eyes, red glasses, big nose, thin lips, short (really short), not skinny but not fat, freackles all over, Black nails.

Clothing- DC shoes, converse, black or red-doodled-on skinnies, band-tee, slogan-tee, long red shirt, or black normal shirt with red tie, Green Day bag, always wears some kind of hat. Always. tons of eyeliner with bright eyeshadow that matches outfit.

Passions- Bass :), Rock Music*, reading, skateboarding, acting, singing, shopping, school (Yes, I am a geek.) iPod.

Extra- English :), smart, lovable, been through shit, loves her friends, head-strong, interested in Mikey or Ray [;)] good at advice giving/relationships

Love Rae xo