Review for Cut Yourself and Someone Else Bleeds

Cut Yourself and Someone Else Bleeds

(#) Tragic_Oneliner 2010-01-27

Woah...That's Sorry, that just kinda means alot to me personally. I've struggled with self-injury for...what is it now? Wow...three years. Stuff like this just kinda helps, though. Thanks for publishing this. That's really great when people can...I don't know...speak out about this stuff. :) Thanks, and great job.

Author's response

The main purpose of publishing this was to really just to help me deal with certain things. And to know that someone else took something away from it means so much to me. Self-harming is not a fun thing to get into and out of, as I assume you know far too well.

I don't know you, but I sincerely hope that when the time is right you'll decide to quit and successfully go through with it. There is hope out there. Please just know that :)