Review for Bravery


(#) HallowsNotHorcruxes 2010-02-10

Feawen, I liked your story. And I must say this to HarryHermione4ever, so my apologies to you for taking up space, but I must speak my mind.

Well, HarryHermione4ever, are you a little grumpy? "RON/HERMIONE FANS: YOU SUCK"? Really. "You suck!" is the best insult you could come up with. Personally, I don't think Harry and Hermione should have ended up together, but even if they did, I would waste my time complaining about it, because my life isn't based on the relationships of fictional characters. Also, I must know, do you have anything written on Emerson's Special Edition Wall of Shame? Because a lot of it sounds like you. And just to upset you further..... LONG LIVE EMERSON!

And once again Feawen, I am sorry for a waste of your time.