Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) jabarber69 2010-03-26

Excellent story...and well written but if harry died? how's this going to progess? guess we'll just have to wait....but I sure wish you had written a little bit longer I definitely wanted to see dumbydork look on his face when he tried to present that fake will and was caught out by not only the goblins but also the DMLE!

Author's response

The next chapter will answer your question. I intentionally left Dumbledore's reaction out of it because he will be relegated to the minor leagues.

Damn! I gave a hint.

As for the fake will, Dumbledore is pretty much the 'de facto' king. He can do what he likes. The goblins could take action, but only in the bank. The ministry is all but under Voldemort's control, now, so they won't lift a finger.