Review for Second Fiddle

Second Fiddle

(#) alec_potter 2006-09-14

awesom chapter...loved the duels...harry beating them magically was a bit unrealistic...but the way he combined the two was too good...and the spl effects you have put in...the mist and all was good too.i think nev would hve been a bit arrogant and all, but i do hope that harry-nev develop friendship soon.
And the way h/hr relation is going...great..loved that part too.Hope to see some more stuff on that.
the yellow eyes i am guessing is due to the wolf factor.
what is the prophecy in the universe...that will be intresting...who will beat voldy??

Author's response

Thanks. Harry hasn't fully immersed himself in the magical world to think like a wizard. Mrs. Longbottom's influence on Nev is significant. Har/Nev friendship? It could happen. H/Hr relationship? WIP. The wolf has something to do with his eyes. In the prophecy of this verse, cut Harry's name, paste Nev.