Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) jabarber69 2010-04-02

Hey while I simple loved the first chapter, I was wondering how you were going to bring star wars into this....but now after reading this 2nd chapter, I to be totally honest am blown away!!! This was great how you brought his parents, sirius and of course merlin into it and then had the time advance and his freinds told him what happens, well want go into more of the story for spoilers purposes, but man you have one hell of a story going here, cant wait to see what happens next!!!

Author's response

Thanks, Jababar!

To be honest, I don't think this particular twist has been tried yet.

Merlin was someone he really respected, and he also acted as an avatar.

I had to bring all his people there both to let him know he was loved, and to give him a solid reason to go back. Spanking Albie wasn't enough. Getting rid of Voldy wasn't enough. It had to be something really important.

The nexus was actually FireLemming's idea. I needed a way for them all to meet, but none of them were dead yet, so, I used the 'outside time' bit.

Thanks for your praise. The next chapter is coming soon to a computer near you!