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(#) Cateagle 2010-04-11

Heh, that was a fun chapter as Harry manages to sever a few more of Dumbles' strings on both him and Hermione as well as start the process on several Order members. I can easily see Luna, with her particular insights, becoming as much a part of Harry's conscience as Hermione already is; after Hermione, she's clearly his best female friend and I suspect Neville will, if he hasn't already, take Ron's place. I don't know that Harry will be totally happy about this but I think he will see it as necessary and, after fourth year, I doubt the links with Ron are as strong as they used to be.

I can see Harry having several private, but totally legal, means of harassing the Dursleys (have to wonder how much of Gurnnings he owns) that'll give him needed revenge without darkening his soul. I do have to wonder if his stated intentions at the station were enough to crash and destroy the remains of the wards around Privet Drive? That could have some very interesting repurcussions in the near future. It would be "educational" to watch Harry's response if Tom & Co. attacked the Dursleys.

Regarding Harry vs. Dumbledore, I quite expect Dumbles to do all he can to paint Harry in a negative manner simply because Harry's now his own man and not Dumble's tool (the "less that full fingers wave" was a nice touch; that Dumbles didn't recognize it was funnier yet). From what's gone before, this is clearly going to be a most vexacious summer for Albus as Harry gains a lot and Albus' every effort to control him goes wrong and drives him farther off. If Harry returns to Hogwarts in September, things will likely get very colorful indeed.

I thought Harry handled helping Hermione quite well (that the compulsions were reapplied is, I agree, quite telling) and 'twill be interesting to watch the "dance' as they move to deepen their relationship. With what you've dropped of her father's background, I suspect he's going to be recruited to help train Harry & friends physically and, if there's a way, in the mindset necessary for combat and then returning to the "normal" world. I rather suspect Hermione's mother is going to be there in other equally supportive ways and all will be better for it.

It's a shame Harry had to reveal his House rings so early, but sometimes necessity drives actions, even if they aren't what you'd consider optimum. I rather expect that news of this will -not- improve Albus' disposition. Then, again, I rather suspect little of this summer will improve his disposition; especially if Harry, as the new owner, refuses to let the "Friends of the Flaming Fowl' again use 12 Grimmauld Place as a headquarters (couldn't blame him, wouldn't want -my- home used that way by folks I didn't particularly agree with). Even after the move to Potter Castle, I'd still leave the Black London Home locked against all but those I strongly trust.

Author's response

Hello, Cat. You are one of my favorite reviewers. Whenever you write, you always give some great input and I frequently ask myself, ~/Damn! How did he guess that so early!?!/~

Though this is intended to be a Harmony fic, You're right. Luna will get to play the part of Jiminy Cricket. Hermione will be a bit shocked for some time to come at the radical changes in her world view.

Ron/Neville: In some ways yes, and in some ways, no. Neville is not going to take Ron's place as best mate, but Harry is going to break through Neville's shell and bring out the true Gryffindor that's inside. Ron will also be joining, but I'm writing him very much canon. He's got a good heart and many dreams, but he's lazy and unmotivated.

Yes, Harry has some hard times ahead for the Dursleys. Not even Jiminy is going to object. As for how, you'll see in chapter 6. By the way your guesses are very close.

Your guess about Albie is also right on the money. See more in chapters 6&7. I'm glad you liked his little Yoeman's wave. (Send me an E-mail and I'll tell you how that came about.)

Dumbledore's summer is going to be filled with unpleasant surprises, and the school year ain't gonna be much better!

Harry and Hermione will actually be pretty straightforward. They've known each other for five years now and the jitters are all but gone. As I said in my intro, the naughtiness is not a focal point in this story, so anything they do beside some snogging, will be off-camera.

Dr.&Dr. Granger: It was actually unintentional but my sister FireLemming (See her account at DevArt) suggested that I needed to get them to safety, as Voldemort would torture and/or kill them to hurt Harry and Dumbledore would kidnap them to force him back, so, yes, they well be involved...and in the manner you've suggested.

Again correct. Harry didn't want to reveal the rings, but he needed to convince Moody. This version is slightly more politically savvy and a lot more willing to use underhanded methods. He's also building a cadre of people with skills he needs, to help him.

Unkl' Albie won't be getting any information for the time being. (Tune in next chapter, to see how.)

12 Grimmauld. Basically correct, but Harry will wait until the vote of no-confidence to spring that on him. (chapter 8)

Until next time...