Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Cateagle 2010-04-11

BTW, do I want to know how Fawkes got a phial of red pepper sauce, was able to hide it, and then was able to give it to Dobby when needed? That raises a lot of questions about Fawkes, his real intents, his bonds to Albus, and just how much he's really capable of. I suspect that and the fake contract are just going to cause Dumbles further headaches down the road; depending on what potions he's working with, I can see the substitute "blood" causing some "interesting" interactions.

Author's response

Fawkes and the pepper sauce is one of my favorite pranks when I write.

Given the underhanded nature Dumbledore shows in canon and the varying from 'benign-but-stupid to 'end-of-the-line-downright-E V U L' persona he can become in fanon,I have a hard time understanding why a phoenix, a creature said to be firmly aligned with the goodness and light, can stand to be near him. Unless said phoenix has a wicked sense of humor. You'll see more of his humor in chapter six, I believe.

Since the fake contract has no blood/magical signature, on it, it's just a piece of parchment with some pretty writing on it. Further, Arthur is rethinking his position on Dumbledore's character so I doubt he would allow it anyway. The same thing applies to anything Ol' Twinkles 'suggests' for Ginny.

Molly may object, but Arthur is the head of the family and while he rarely uses that power, he does have it. I wonder if the contract ever did get signed, would it end up in Guadalajara? Snicker