Review for Lulu Sutra

Lulu Sutra

(#) Princess_Rixie 2006-09-14

Wow, this is good.

I don't get to read much femslash- it's always m/m on this site it seems.

I like the way you portrayed both of the characters. Most fics including Lulu show her as cold and bitter. I like this softer side of her. And Rikku was happy and a bit immature but not the extent that she's acting like she's had a few too many pixie sticks.

The scenes were very well written.

I'm really tired, and I'm not in the mood to be nit-picky. I didn't notice any gramatical errors, but then again, I wasn't really looking.

Fabulous story. After reading a lot of badfics on this site, I'm very impressed with this gem of a fic.

Author's response

A belated but very sincere thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked. I worked a little more on this one because I was basing it on old memories, and also I had to be especially careful because of the age difference between the characters. (I am not the sort to throw a 15-year-old at a 35-year-old). It was just for fun, mostly a gift to someone who made me see Rikku as more than just a shallowly boppy teenager. I'm not sure whether that stereotype or the "ice bitch" is worse, but it seems so common to assume any strong woman with a prickly temper is a cold, calculating femme fatale, especially if she dresses goth... yet there were many times in FFX when Lulu's sisterly or maternal interactions with Yuna were very touching; she speaks up for and protects Rikku from Wakka in her own subtle way; and in spite of putting Tidus through the third degree, Lulu answers all his questions and serves as a (mostly) patient mentor.