Review for Family Matters - Loose Ends

Family Matters - Loose Ends

(#) REALITYBENDER 2006-09-14

Excellent work so far. You have captured the spirit of the first story perfectly. I look forward to more

Author's response

Glad you're happy with how I've continued the story. I'm far from the writer that Kinsfire is, but I'm getting better. I think this is going to end up 8-10 chapters, but quite possibly more, because I'm only a quarter of the way through my notes - but at the same time, some parts of my notes are a lot more thorough than other parts. I've definitely learned a few lessons for the next time I write a story like this - main one being to plot out the minor characters in a bit more detail! Right now, Harry and Kingsley are almost the entire cast - despite initially pulling in a huge group in the first chapter.