Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Cateagle 2010-04-24

I suspect life is going to get rather more "interesting" for Albus Dumbledore than he'd prefer, let alone suspect until it descends on him. I loved the whole chapter, especially the portions with Harry dealing with the Longbottoms and with his other political responsibilities; I suspect that's going to unsettle a lot of folk when it comes out. The scene with Harry & Hermione was good fun and it rather sounds like Harry most thoroughly convinced her. Now that he's got one lightsaber he can demonstrate, it should be most interesting to see how many more he can make for his "forces". I'm looking forward to when Albus finds out that "his sword" is a dummy prop and not the real one; it'll just add to his frustration and embarassment. Finally, I loved the thought image of McGonagall swearing in Gaelic as she swings her lightsaber (can you imagine the reaction of Albus when it comes out that some of his teachers have them but he doesn't?).

Author's response

Heya Cat!

Ooh, yeah! Albie is so used to getting things his way he's unable to comprehend anything else. Since Harry is not under his control any more, Harry has obviously gone dark.

I wanted the reader to understand there are serious issues in the Wizengamot and while Harry is not qualified to handle them, he has done the logical thing and found people who are. With the ladies working for Harry, Dumbley is gonna find his life a lot more difficult!

Then scene between Harry and Hermione(and Dobby/Winky) was a palate cleanser. Just teenagers having some fun.

I'll explain the lightsabers in chapter 8.

McGonagall, swearing in Gaelic and swinging a lightsaber is a truly frightening thought! Her family's Claymore is bad enough!

While McGonagall knows something of the lightsabers, she will not be carrying one herself. I'm going to have her doing something else. It's not as exciting but just as important.

Albus will get his first taste, however brief, of Harry's lightsaber in the next chapter.

His first 'conscious' taste, will be in chapter 8 or 9.