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(#) Katsuhito 2010-04-24

First, best wishes to your sister. I know she's a much greater import than writing, so thanks for taking the time for us readers too. :)

Next: Another great chapter! I share AlaskanKing's perplexity regarding Harry's willingness to share his after-death experience. Not that I think it's that great a secret, but why bring it up at all and risk his friends incredulity? The details of Dumble's mechanizations to date seem to be quite sufficient to convince Harry's allies to his cause.

Also - wondering what (if anything) the Tonks ladies' impulsive behavior is leading up to. I don't see anything with Andi, as she's married, but in the beginning, there was mention of multiple wives...

Last but not least - I like the way you've integrated the SW mythos into the story. Very well done. I just hope Harry's friends aren't going to become as skilled as Harry is now until after V's death. After all, they don't have the advantage of a mental download from a 900-year-old master to help them. (And it would smell dankly of authors-plot-device.) :)

Ps. Will this be posted elsewhere? I'm not a fan of ficwad's engine, though the stories here are just as good as elsewhere.

Author's response

First, I thank you for your kind thoughts. She is doing better. I have a few more chapters stored and ready to post and so the next few, bar anything life-threatening, should be posted on schedule.

As I explained in my reply to AlaskanKing's review, I'm giving them the information they need to do their jobs. More...he's letting them know exactly how far the old man will go to have things his way. Remember in chapter one, where Dumbledore was completely unconcerned over Harry's death? I needed to let the participants know that Albus also considered them expendable. Harry is offering them a chance to think...and act, for themselves...something Dumbledore wouldn't.

Most of the people he'll be dealing with will already know Harry, or at least know of him, and that will make it easier for them to accept his explanations.

The Tonks': Nymmy has always been rather 'bubbly', and the 'thank you' she gave him was not unlike the greeting she gave him in the 'nexus outside time' in chapter 2. She's still close enough to his age to see him as attractive.

Since I've placed this after OotP, She's already set her sights on Moony, but there's nothing to say she won't let her emotions take control from time to time. Andi has not only been welcomed back into her family, but has a new status rarely accorded a woman in the wizarding world, and has the ability to directly influence that world. It's understandable that she'd react in such a way.

You'll notice that all the people I've chosen to represent Harry are strong woman. There's a reason for that. With such strength demands respect, especially in a male dominated society. That, combined with the ability to control 14-16 Percent of the Wizengamot directly and as Amelia said in chapter four: ...due to family alliances, vassalage and oaths of loyalty or succor...I would have to say with those three rings, you could easily control sixty to seventy percent of the Wizengamot. Harry&Co. can have the entire council tied up for as long as they want to, push through laws or repeal other laws. While Amelia will not be voting her seat as minister, she will be closely involved in how the votes are used.

In this case, the story will be Harmony with a possible addition at the last. I haven't decided that yet. Andi is married and I feel the bond of marriage is absolutely sacred, so there it is.

Instant super-Jedi: No they will not. And Harry will not. He has the knowledge but not the experience. He...and they, will have to work damn hard to achieve the level he needs them to be to face Voldy &Co.

I'll explain that in chapter 8 or 9.

I'm thinking of posting my stories on FF.n. I've avoided them until now because they had some rather draconic policies in place.