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(#) Cateagle 2010-05-03

A small point of terminology, this being set in England, I'd think "Robinsonian" rather than "Goldbergian" would be the appropriate term; Heath Robinson was a British cartoonist, roughly contemporary with Rube Goldberg, who produced much the same kind of complicated designs.

I rather liked how Harry handled himself in this chapter, though dressing as a Jedi was a bit much (on the other hand, he can most certainly play the role properly, so why not dress the part?). I had to laugh at the password and countersign (I do remember the original tc cartoon show) and I thought his performance at Bones manor was well done (I reckon Albus is going to suffere a fecal hemorrage when he finds out that Harry was there and made the difference in Amelia's survival). The confrontation at 12 Grimmauld Place was amusing, Albus was so out of his league that it was quite amusing and what happened to Severus was a delight (wonder how much what happened to his wand shocked him?).

The discussion between Susan and Hermione was amusing, especially the way Harry demonstrated his knowledge; I wonder if there's a potential threesome there? In any case, it's clear that Harry is quite capable all around.

I feel sorry for Arthur, he's caught between Molly and reality and he's doing a good job of navigating a hazardous passage; 'twill be most interesting to see what the Unspeakables find when they examine Ron & Ginny. I suspect Molly will not enjoy what is found out and Albus will find it even less encouraging, especially on top of everything else.

What will be interesting is to see how Madame Bones manages to deal properly with Snape while deflecting DUmbledore. Of course, between the "new" Harry and his actions, the Writs of Conquest which will severely hurt the purebloods supporting Tommy-boy, and the loss of Snape, he's going to have lots on his plate (and that's not even counting fun with the Wizengamot as they deal with and dispose of Fudge).

Author's response

Heya Cat. Over the years, your reviews And those like them, have become the ones I like the most. Each time you read something I've written You give me such great ideas for future fics or chapters.

If I had known of Robinsonian, I would have used his name, unfortunately I am more familiar with Goldberg. I did look up Robinson and saw some pretty silly ideas.

Jedi uniform: I had to give some people an idea what they were seeing as soon as they saw him.

Mighty Mouse. I've always loved the operatic mini-hero.

While it would be fun, to twist Dumbley's bowels, He's not going to discover that particular aspect of her survival. Harry has indicated he was responsible for both her survival and her breaching the security protocols of the manor, but that's as far as he's going with that. In chapter nine or ten, Dumbly will rediscover the awesomeness of the lightsaber. Remember, he's been /Obliviated/.

Like Snape, Dumbledore is a bully. He's just been taught he ain't all that, unfortunately he doesn't remember the lesson...for now.

Snape is both shocked, and well used to preserving his own hide. He's also fatalistic as hell. He understands now that he has grossly underestimated Harry.

While there is some chat, I had not really planned for a threesome. I alluded to it in Ch 2, and again here, but I don't really know if i want to write that. First all the really naughty stuff is off screen in this fic, so it would be rather boring. Second, it's not a major plot point in this story.

Arthur has always intrigued me. Were I married to Molly, I'd have strangled her within the first few years. He has to be nearly phlegmatic to deal with Molly's tempers on an even keel. I had to give him a way to explain that calm nature.

The Unspeakables will find exactly what you presume. Still not sure how I'll have Molly handle that. She can go either way with the appropriate consequences.
Slowly but surely, Dumbledore is going to find his plate loading. (Evil Chuckle!)

~/What will be interesting is to see how Madame Bones manages to deal properly with Snape while deflecting DUmbledore./~

That comes in the next chapter, I believe. It's going to upset some...for now.

Dumbley has lost control of his weapon, only he don't know it just yet. He will try to fight the writs, but they are standing laws the purebloods insisted remain on the books so they could screw others. Harry is simply taking advantage of the same laws to redress some ills. That's why I hired Carolyn.

Fudge is gone, and it won't take as long as you might think.

Until next time...