Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) jabarber69 2010-05-11

Hey nice parts with dobby and winky and tootie too! also dumbydork sadly there are people like that in the real world so it seems, but sometimes they forget that a bullet will still take them down if need be....and I for one think someone ought to put a bullet into dumbydork head....

I cant remember exactly but when harry defeated dumby with his lightsaber doesnt that mean that he is now the master of the elder wand, or is that wand even in this story???

Author's response

Since Dobby and Winky are integral parts of this story and I have another attack on Bones planned, I needed the emergency escape unit ready and available. 'Sides, Tootles is sooo cuuuttteee!

Funny you shoudl mention bullets...

I have Dumbledore's defeat all planed out. (Evil chuckle!)

God no! The Hallows were as stupid a plot device as the horcruxes, and with less preparation. Had Rowling included anything on them instead of just springing them on us they would be more acceptable, as is, they're three power gems for the pac-man to pick up. Suffice it to say, there will be no horcruxes, and definitely no Hallows in this story.