Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-05-11

Hmmmm...... here's hoping that Dumbles finds that all the lemon drops in the world can't settle the indigestion that Harry and his allies plan to give him! Why the audit alone might give him that well deserved stroke! I wish that he hadn't gotten his playmate back; but hopefully Snape will either have another up close and personal meeting with Harry's lightsaber or take up permanent residency in Azkaban. Voldy seems to have Snape's measure, though it's rather amusing to here him of all people telling Snape to give his attitude towards Harry a rest! Dear Abby he most certainly is not! I hope that Harry and the others check people like Kingsley for Dumbles little additions. Dumbles, like Voldy has plenty in common with Palpy...... it looks as though the Rule of Two is in action! Is Harry going to just casually mention to Dumbles that nothing happened to his relatives; or will he let Darth Manipulis make a fool of himself over the matter? It was also nice to see how Neville contributed to the planning! I loved the stuff that Dobby and Winky did when they got the sword....what are the chances that Dumbles brings it to the Wizengamot meeting to prove that he's the heir of Gryffindor and then ends up looking idiotic when Harry pulls out the real one? I also liked seeing the goblins in action again, and those junior goblins will probably wish they hadn't gotten the Dak's personal attention! As always you've posted a great chapter! :)

Author's response

By the time Harry is done, no lemon drop in the world is gong to be enough to settle Ol' Twinkly's stomach.

Snape: I had to let him go...for now.

~~but hopefully Snape will either have another up close and personal meeting with Harry's lightsaber or take up permanent residency in Azkaban.~~

AWWW! You spoil my fun!

While not exactly my idea of Miss Lovelorn either, I feel Voldy is capable of learning. He hates Harry, yes, but he does see him as capable.

This doesn't mean he's not a psychotic asshole.

Kingsley. Amelia is going to deal with him, including a full magical and medical check-up. Things will come to light then. Remember, Amelia has her Protégé Connie Hammer, to help her. She doesn't need Shacklebolt.

Dursleys. Dumbley thinks they're dead. For the time being that will be enough. Vernon won't go without a fight and once he starts spouting off about magic and a wizard named 'Dumbledore' Albus will be reacquainted with the abusive ball of fat.

Dumbley is not using the force. He just lost his temper, though I did like Palpatine's saying "I AM the senate!" This arrogance will come in to play again, in several of the coming chapters.

Neville is, IMNSHO, the unsung hero. He has stood by Harry's side, throughout the series and yet get's no screen time. I'm making his a part of this because Harry needs someone he can depend upon at his back. He's been training all his life to take the Longbottom seat. despite Augusta's disdain, he had to have learned something from her.

Although a great idea, the sword is a non-issue. I suppose I can have it turn to a rubber chicken if he tries to pick it up, but once he sees HARRY POTTER on the blade, he's gonna know he's been got.

The goblins are professionals, so they do their jobs well. Graswold likes a good joke as much as the twins, and if the target is someone the goblins despise, so much the better. As for the nameless ones, they're just two privates. There's always some griping in the ranks.