Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twistedmic 2010-05-12

I enjoyed this chapter, and all the others as well. You've done a really good job blending Star Wars into HP without things getting too muddied.
Dumbledore is really starting to shape up into an irredeemably evil bastard prick, even worse than Voldemort (at least Voldemort is honest about his evil status). I'm really looking forward to what happens to Snape in this story. I get the feel that either he's going to cross Harry (or one of his Jedi) and get himself lightsabered , or possibly force-lightinged, to death or he'll piss Voldemort off so badly he'll get himself killed ( it'd be really funny if Voldemort uses the 'You have failed me for the last time' line before execution.
And finally, I get the feeling Dumbledore's 'special' lemon drops are laced with some form of magical (or non-magical) narcotic, which would explain his near-obsession with them.