Review for Office Visit

Office Visit

(#) JaCeeisme 2010-05-26

Well, I rated this as "Moving." It made my supper want to move back up my esophagus and depart for other locales.

Seriously, Stick. You are a sick, sick person, and need professional help. I just feel sorry for the psychiatrist you inflict yourself upon.

The sad thing is, I enjoyed this twisted look into the lives of two of the most vindictive people in JKR's realm. Thanks for sharing, even if it does require a combination of brain bleach and quaternary sanitizer to get those images out of my head.


Author's response

I find an ice cream scoop works well for getting into the corners, helps to get that last little bit of tortured brain out.

I really doubt I will do more than this, most have been traumatized enough. Just be glad I stopped it when I did. :)