Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-05-28 Voldy suffering from young love? Given teenage stamina he's in for a rough time! It's a pity that the same reaction won't happen to Dumbles, but that relationship will give him a headache as well, just not as directly. I enjoyed seeing how much pain the Wizengamot meeting delivered to Fudge and Dumbles! Harry and company really took thought and care over how to dish out the agony! Add in Dumbles visit to Gringotts and you can just imagine the ulcer expanding; along with that headache. I wonder if Arthur played beater like the twins? His hit would have had them cheering at both quidditch and baseball games. I'm glad that Neville's abilities have been released; he's going to be fantastic once he has his saber. The scene with the new Fidelius was excellent, and I'm glad that Kingsley might finally get the truth about Old Twinkly! Snape might have passed the buck for now, but with Peeves on the job he's in for plenty of aggravation! As always, it was a great chapter, and I've enjoyed seeing how Dobby is taking care of buisness. It's too bad about Fawkes though, I hope that he changes his mind and joins the others at Potter Castle. THanks again! :)

Author's response

'Young love' Snicker! I remember being young...once...back in the late Cretaceous, before that comet, and I recall my own...recharge rate. Voldemort is due for a migraine every couple days...or more. Don't worry about poor Dumbley, though, I'm not leaving him out. His own headaches will be coming fast, and from all sides. By the time he''s done, Dumbledore will be jumping at shadows.

Arthur: I can't see him as a beater. he was more likely a keeper. He's long and limber and beaters need to be muscular and compact.

On the other hand, he is a dad. Dad's are very protective of their children...especially their little girls, and a wand just doesn't have the 'immediate threat' of a beater's bat. if you take my meaning.

Remember in chapter one, I had Fred cosh Snape? I figure he had to learn that /somewhere/. Why not from dad?

Neville will be very good at the lightsaber, but he's not going to be an instant expert. Harry will start to teach him and the girls as his lieutenants, before the rest. It's going to take plenty of work, to get them up to speed. I want them at least halfway through Shii-Cho before the other students arrive.

The scene with the new Fidelus just seemed logical, given all I've read in mythology, and it would fit into Dumbledore's canon personality.

Kingsley will learn of the compulsions soon enough, but only after he's undergone the questioning.

My sometimes Beta FireLemming was the one who suggested the pass the buck scenario. She said: "If the king always kills the messenger, find another messenger." It just fell into place from there.

Snape. While Dobby sill be involved, (logistics and sup-port) Peeves will be the primary culprit, and Peeves will be following a carefully guided Program of -pestering. I hate to do this, because as Snape becomes more irritated and irrational, his students are going to suffer. That's why I'm having Minerva discover the compulsions next chapter. She'll keep Snape in hand, while Albie is too busy.

Fawkes: He still has time to change his mind. Perhaps he'll be visited by Yoda or something.