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(#) Cateagle 2010-05-31

I quite enjoyed this chapter, I read it several times before I was ready to comment. I thought the switched Fidelus was a very nice touch and another come down for Albus (I suspect his still near the top of this particular roller coaster and has a wild ride ahead of him). The scene with Kingsley was nicely handled with facts and logic overcoming the compulsions; I have to wonder if the dissonance set up by the conflict between the two might end up sending Kingsley to a mind healer where the compulsions would be found out. That would be a nice spot of justice and just add to the case being built against Albus. I thought the long scene in the Wizengamot chambers was a delight as Albus was eased to the sidelines and forced to stay there as Harry and his allies "ran the table" and pushed through everything they wanted. I wonder how the wizarding world would take it if Harry was to announce that his 'sword' was a technomagic artifact, known by the muggles solely by stories, that needed a powerful magical to wield? I can't see him doing that until after Tom and Albus are fully and totally defeated, but it'd be a nice touch.

It looks like Potter Castle as a training center is coming together and I love how Harry's getting a legion of elves at his side; he'll definitely need the help once things get up and running. Sic'ing Peeves on Dumbles and Snape was a very nice touch and I suspect both are not going to be appreciative of the "honor". As for Fawkes, I rather imagine that he's doing a bit of unobtrusive sabotage behind Dumbles' back, making certain that he can't regain the control he craves.

It's good to see Harry & Hermione sointerested in each other, it'll make for a very strong bonding As you said, that it gives Tom a right nasty headache, even if they don't know it, is pure gravy.

As for Albus and the goblins, I think he's carelessly ticked them off enough times that they're enjoying this immensely. Oh, I recognized most of those orphans names; something of a sf enthusiast, are you? For grins, I'd've slipped Tony Rogers into that list and see who made the connection (he's the protagonist of "Armageddon 2319, the seminal "Buck Rogers" novel - first name was changed for the comics).

1983 takes me back a long way in memory. I was spending my days that years buried in Northrop's Pico Rivera facility and helping design the B-2.

Author's response

Heya Cat, nice to hear from you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Albus. Would the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, ever have considered that someone could do an end-run around him? He's too convinced of his own omniscience.

'Sides, whatever makes him crazy is OK by me! The more, the merrier, in fact!

He has much 'fun' coming!

(Insert evil chuckle here!)

Kingsley: Not exactly. Remember when Amelia ordered a top-down investigation? Well Aurors are part of the Ministry. When it comes out that he's under compulsion(s) they will be traced. I see magical signatures as being like fingerprints or retina images. There are some close, but none are truly the same.

His standard excuse of: "It was for the greater good!" is going to hold no water, and THAT, will be a large part of his undoing.

To paraphrase: "He's writing checks he can't cash."

The scene in the Wizengamot, was actually pivotal to the whole show. I'm glad you liked it.

Albus: Nothing is going to hack him off like being forced into the peanut gallery. Albie just adores being the star of the show, the mighty yet, beneficial guide to the wizarding world, and being marginalized like that going to hit him hard, not to mention his impending humiliation at the hands of the goblins.

~I wonder how the wizarding world would take it if Harry was to announce that his 'sword' was a technomagic artifact, known by the muggles solely by stories, that needed a powerful magical to wield? I can't see him doing that until after Tom and Albus are fully and totally defeated, but it'd be a nice touch.~

That's a really good idea. While declaring what lightsabers actually are, would for the time being, be, counterproductive, once this is over, it'll be a different story. Since Bones knows the purebloods are going to suffer the majority of the casualties, the mugglebornes and half-bloods will be able to appreciate the muggle side of things.

Perhaps I'll include it, or something like it, in the aftermath chapter.

Potter Castle. Yeah, having his training facilities completely ready for use is going to be imperative. They will begin training the day after they arrive. Time is moving on and moving quickly.

Not only are the elves there to get and keep things running, but each and every one of them is loyal to him. He saved them all rom lingering madness and death. ('Member Kreacher?)

They will also play a critical role.

Fawkes, is just now, preparing for the next great adventure, but I had a suggestion From FireLemming to keep him around, so I'm thinking on it.

I don't want Fawkes bonded to Harry. But I really don't want to give up such a valuable and inventive source of Albus-torture. Between him, Dobby and Peeves, by the time this is over, Albie is gonna be jumping at shadows.

H/Hr: I often write smut-fics, but here while they are frequently intimate, I wanted their relationship to grow normally.

As for Voldy, didn't Dumbledore tell Harry the power was love? Snicker! (Sings Huey Lewes.)

Orphans: Yawp, I've loved Science fiction (Or alternately Speculative Fiction), that show particularly, since I was a kid. I had quite a few names to choose from. Three of those names; Latimer, Gaetano and Boma, are from one episode, 'The Galileo Seven', with Thomas Leighton & John Daily being two of the actors names. None had first names so I gave them and Changed Latimer from he to she to provide a more even M/F ratio.

Jackson Roykirk Lenore Karidian and Molly O'Brien are mentioned in other episodes in the franchise.

Ain't it amazing how much of our daily lives have been directly affected by that one show?

I've never read Armageddon 2319, so I never knew his name was 'Tony'. I'll have to look it up, just to see how much Buck Rogers has changed from his inception. How about Steve Rogers? Grin

The thing about Albus and the goblins is that he doesn't even consider that he's torquing them off. While Graswold is the head of the whole shebang, like most purebloods, Dumbley sees him as a semi-intelligent animal who can handle their gold. (What kind of stupid idea was that? Giving control over your entire financial base to those who despise you? Hasn't anyone in the WW ever heard of Sun-Tzu?)

B-2! Gawd! Assuming you're not blowing smoke, that must have been real headache to design. I do have to say though, it's one of the ugliest airplanes I've ever seen.

Until next week...