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(#) Cateagle 2010-06-02

Fawkes with Luna should be quite an experience for both; 'sides, Fawkes can help her with her job of keeping Harry away from the Dark Side.

I wonder if you're going to make the special Weasley "Stupify" a running joke through the story? I can just see Bill and Charlie using it on various occassions if/when they return to help.

I liked Snivellus' reaction to his little package. I see he decided to use it in that ancient ritual, "The Passing of the Buck". I do so hope Lucius gets his proper reward from Tommy-boy for this.

Yeah, I'm passing familiar with the current successor to the SH-60F, the MH-60R, as well as most of the other current production variants; granted primarily with propulsion and related systems and structure, but you'd be surprised how much you interact with. I can well imagine how upset they were over your daughter being able to fly the simulator that well. I've had the pleasure, over the decades, of working on a variety of aircraft, from the smallest Cessnas up to the B-2 and, going higher, the ISS (I take pride that some bits that I nurtured from proposal through to installed hardware are up there in orbit now, working as advertised). Since late 1982, it's primarily been the military/government aerospace sector, but there's been quite a variety of programs and projects in that time. PRior to that, most of my experience was in civil, both personal and business, aircraft.

Author's response

While Luna said she is there to keep him from going over, she really won't have too much trouble there. Hermione is the one giving him the 'incentive' to stay in her good graces, after all. Fawkes will be there to back him when he needs it, but for the most part, he's going to be an 'inside source closely connected to...'

He will also be working with Peeves and Dobby to Keep Mr. Twinkles off balance.

That's a good dear. I hadn't really considered it, but since the twins learned it from Arthur, I can't see him not teaching his elder boys the benefits of a well placed knock on the head. On the other hand the only other person who deserves one is Fudgey and I've already neutered him. Meh. It might come up.

At this point, Lucy is still in Azkaban. I'm thinking one of the other Deez is visiting Narcissa when the package arrives, addressed to 'My Lord'. He takes it to Voldy, thinking it's for him, and things go from there.

That's one of the things I like about the 60's. With the exception of the payload and a few slight differences in control panels, one is the same as the rest. If you can fly one, you can fly all. The sims for the Romeo's had just come on line when I left, to take over the Ch-46D and SH3F/HH3H sims a few blocks away, but I got the chance to play with them too. Better visuals, but the controls and flying characteristics were the same. I still crashed trying to roll one.

Hint. Flying the H60 is like driving a Cadillac with cruise control. The H3 is more like a Porsche with rack and pinion steering and half the steering fluid gone. They are TOUCHY!

The 46 is surprisingly easy to fly.

Sigh! I'd love to fly in orbit. It's the one goal I set for myself that I've never attained...and at my age, probably never will. The closest I came was 68,000 feet in an early model TF-15A(later renamed F-15B), back in '76. The were From the 56th Aggressors, on their way From Nellis AFB to Eglin on a cross country training flight. I was in the CAP at the time. Six of us got the chance to fly in the back seat. Capt. Stone was a real trooper and took it as far as he could for me. I got to see the top of the world. God, that was something.

I was sportin' a semi for days after.

I understand he caught hell for taking it above it's service ceiling, but he just laughed it off and said the ceiling was just a recommendation.

Seeing your 'babies' flying up there must be a hell of a thrill to you, knowing that without you to see them through their teething stages, they wouldn't be there. Good on ya, man!

I never liked the Cessna trainers, (I've flown the 152's and the 172's) though since I took my flight training in the Tomahawk, I suppose that's the reason. I see the Cessna design under the wing, as an air dam, where the wind can flip you (almost happened on a crosswind landing) whereas the tomahawk design allows it to slip up & over the canopy. Regardless what people say about the Tomahawk/Skipper, I think they're hell of easier to fly. Lot's more forgiving.

Since,82, huh? So, can you tell me about the saucers? Snicker!

And where the hell is my flying car?


Sorry:" Third para...That's a good Idear.