Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-06-04

Ponders......if Fawkes is the "inside source" does that mean he's the Wizarding World's version of "Deep Throat"? Would that make Luna his "Bob Woodward"? He'll need a code name........ Then again I was also thinking he's like a deep cover operative a la James Bond; just with a "licence to flame"! After all, he did have a rendevous with that female phoenix in Japan, and I'm sure that he knows several more in other places! :)

Author's response

Even when that came out, I thought whoever came up with those names should have gone further than his favorite theater.

I intend having Fawkes 'go undercover' as it were, and for the time being, he'll appear to be the same, but that will change in the later chapters.

"My name is Fawkes...just Fawkes."

I'd think Fawkes has several Phoenix friends throughout the world. (Would be funny to have him and Luna arguing in their inimitable fashion over his promiscuity.)