Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-06-06

Pity Dumbles didn't meet the buisness end of McGonagall's sword, but I expect that she'll give him her opinion of him and his actions at the appropriate moment! No doubt she'll also approve of Harry's chipping away at him bit by bit, cats can be very patient while stalking their prey. Methinks that "Professor Kittycat" will add a few touches to the plots against Dumbles; since she's his "devoted" SIC!(snicker) She could make him look like a fool in front of the Board, the staff and the parents quite easily! I can see her using Mark Antony's technique at Ceasar's funeral to discuss Dumbles with various people; I've always loved how Brutus and the other conspirators were brought down with a few well chosen words! Harry's explanation of what his mother might have done that night also makes sense. Hopefully if Lily left any notes they didn't end up in Dumbles hands! He'd supress that information for his "greater good" in a heartbeat! There could only be one "Person who Lived" after all. As for Dumbles' final fate.....if he slips on a banana peel and impales himself on a ligthsaber well these things happen. There's no need to wonder if Peeves was given said peel and asked to get creative! Though Professor McGonagall's apprehension at the thought of a collaboration between Peeves and Harry is understandable! Harry's visit to the Queen was also well done; and in case Dumbles tries reaching out to other non-magical leaders though thats unlikely with his predjudice. Dobby and Harry's work with the crystals was also well done; and if the elves and wizards can meld like that it would give both an edge vs Voldy and company. Perhaps Hermione's discussion with Winky about the their bonding capability could play into their jedi training. By the by, will the Harry and the others also read things like the Art of War? It would lay a foundation for Harry's hope that the group would eventually become peacekeepers and diplomats as well as warriors when necessary. As always, this was an interesting and enjoyable chapter! :)

Author's response

The Claymore would be too fast. Remember, I don't want Dumbledore to die...I want him to /suffer/.

Minerva will actually be one of the major players, in keeping Albie in the dark. She'll turn a blind eye to Peeves, and gradually 'downsize' Dumbledore's job.

After the events of September first, she will begin a whispering campaign to further erode Dumbledore's influence. By that time I want Harry to have a controlling interest in The Daily Prophet.

I haven't read 'Julius Caesar' in Decades. but one of my favorite passages is: "Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look,
He thinks too much; such men are dangerous."

I reserve the right however to steal part of the speech, suitably adapt it, of course, and have Harry use it. No promises though.

Harry's explanation as to this runic/blood ritual fits all the requirements of canon, and seems to make a great deal of sense to me. The glaring hole in Dumbley's story (and who else could possibly have spread the word?) is Lily's sacrifice. It's ridiculous to assume her refusal to allow Voldemort to kill Harry is what banished him. Unfortunately Rowling concentrated on Lily's sacrifice and completely discounted James', as she said: "Lily had the option, James was going to die anyway." It makes more sense that both were aware of the possibilities and both were involved. Both were highly intelligent and Lily was a near-genius, and though not canon, the most common back-story is that James was either an Auror or well versed in combat. Did someone 'influence' his actions that night?

I believe you're right. Had Dumbledore known about the ritual, he would have done anything he could to preclude its reuse.

The banana peel thing was actually a line I swiped from an old MAD Magazine issue on Star Trek, where there's a person on board with a contagious disease. Kirk is about to push him out a porthole, when Spock stops him and says: "You cannot push him out that porthole."

Kirk returns with: "How dare you suggest I would do such a thing? See this banana peel? He's gonna slip!"

Don't worry, I have something much better lined up for Dumbledore.

Minerva has good reason to be wary of Peeves. He has caused her no end of trouble nearly every year Harry has been in the castle. According to canon, only Dumbledore and the Bloody baron can control him. I wonder if it's the headmaster's position or something Dumbledore did in the past that makes him so afraid of the supreme mudwump?

On the other hand, according to Rowling, Peeves came with the building and like dry rot or leaky plumbing, he's there to stay.

I see him as the manifestation of all the mischievous and/or malicious feelings of a thousand years of teenagers.

Still, he can be influenced, as indicated by the bribes of Dungbombs and fireworks, he's gotten so far.

In a couple days, Dumbledore's word is going to be worthless to the Queen. She's gonna be mighty pissed at him for the years of lies he's told her. I wonder if she should fire him from whatever position he holds in her court (Royal Vizier or the Crown's Sorcerer or somesuch)?

Once she knows, other leaders will. when they do, they will contact their magical divisions and see if there is anything they can do. Bones will accept Auror and Healer assistance from them to deal with any attacks until this is over, but that's about it.

Dobby and the focusing crystals. I needed a viable way to produce so many in the time they had available. The only thing I could come up with is were the powerfully magical house-elves. Still, it works well intent story.

Winky will not be force sensitive. I'll explain that in a later chapter, and Dobby will be the only elf involved in the fighting. I explained that in the last chapter.

As the Art Of War is a favorite book, it will most definitely be part of their training...later. For the time being, he has to focus on calling upon the force during lightsaber combat. He may quote a few passages from time to time. And yes, it would.

Thanks for your though-provoking review.