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(#) Cateagle 2010-06-07

That might work for a homebuilt, though I think getting such an engine made available would be something else. I always though the Garrett ATF3 would be a good low observable engine with the exhaust right behind the fan so you'd get good mixing - turns out my thoughts were good 'cause that's what Tacit Blue used.

The F-35B with it's stovl/vtol capability (depending on room and payload) can pretty well go anywhere, just like the Harrier (the USMC wouldn't have it any other way). Well, the basic design is modular, but there's a lot of version-specific structure while most of the systems remain the same across all three variants (designing one installation to fit all three variants occassionally was challenging).

Author's response

Hey Cat. The ATF-3 is a good choice, but I figure the 107 can make almost anything into a mach buster(assuming the airplane is well enough built.)

Hell, it pushes a 1200 lb harpoon along at many times faster than we can see.

I cannot see the MC asking anything less.

Here's my Addy:

This way we can jaw all day about engines and avionics, without boring the rest of the people.