Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2010-06-08

Another top read. Good to see Minnie showing some strength. For Albus, death of a thousand cuts. I agree about Madddison County and we were lucky there was an orangutan in most of the movies with Sondra Locke. Love the orangutan. Also I agree about 'The Art of War'. It should be compulsory reading at school. Thanks for a good read. Cheers.

Author's response

I needed Minerva to see not only what he's done, but how much he's done. If she was under the tiniest bit of conrtrol, telling her wouldn't work, but the weakening charms would.

The death of a thousand cuts sounds good, though I cannot see Minerva having that much patience, and a Claymore is hardly the tool to be used for that anyway. In many ways, his fate will be like that, only the cuts won't be physical.

Madison County: Clint Eastwood should never ever be in a weepy chick-flick. 'Nuff sed there!

I actually preferred the Spaghetti Westerns, and the Dirty Harry series.

Clyde was funny...the first time.

Making 'The Art of War' compulsory reading would give the sheep thoughts of revolution. From a governmental standpoint, that's 'Bad Juju, mon'!

Until next week.